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User Applications

  • Created in SGP Baltie 3
  • Created in SGP Baltie 4 C#
  • Created in SGP Baltie 3

    Traveling across the world

    Travelling across the world is a game where you can test your knowledge about geographics and politic issues.
    Author: Lucia Sebova (10 years)


    Lotto is a game where are you guessing random numbers and hope you win.
    Author: Jakub Cernik (12 years)


    AZ quiz is a game where you use your knowledge and have to answer a wide range of questions in order to win.
    Author: Michal Kotoun (13 years)


    Music is an interactive application for editing, creating and learning music. You are able to create your own music using notes.
    Author: Juraj Marak (14 years)


    Dodgeball is a variant of the classic ball game. There are two teams fighting against each other. You are free to select environment like grass field, maze, parking.
    Author: Martin Stana (14 years)

    HTML editor

    HTML editor is an editor of HTML files with built-in highlight syntax and makes easier for novice to create their first HTML pages.
    Author: Michal Lohnisky (17 years)

    Created in SGP Baltie 4 C#


    Sokoban is a remake of the well-known old game from the 80'. Using Baltie you must move (push) cubes and objects to the right place.
    Author: Anna Hernady (9 years)


    Modelmania can create plenty of models and various animations.
    Author: Tomas Pavlin (13 years)


    Snowboard is a sport game where the user creates a track using flags and tries to get the best time.
    Author: Jiri Kucera (15 years)


    Cosmos is a 3D game in which player navigates spaceship using keyboard and mouse. The game objective is to pass through gates in given order. It is necessary to pass through gates without touch, otherwise the player gets time penalty. The game has three levels and plays on time.
    Author: Ondrej Galbavy (16 years)


    Organizer is made for controlling contacts and tasks and you can write your ideas in notebook. Many people can work with the Orgamizer, because each one has his own account, whereon he logs in only after he has entered his username and password. Each user has his data encrypted. You can arrange contacts to groups. In calendar you can see who has name day. For each day you can discover if someone from your contacts has name day or birthday. You can also create task or write some short notes for any day.
    Author: Jan Vesely (16 years)


    ORuler is application for measuring length in pixels on the screen.
    Author: Ondrej Tomec (18 years)


    MTB (shortcut from mountain bike) is a computer game which simulates riding a mountain bike. There are two types of races: picking up special objects called bonuses and classic race with one or more laps. You can choose from 15 tracks or random generated track (only for picking up bonuses). On the track there are fencings, trees and stones. Player rides alone and his best results are written into the table. You can set up fog, music, sounds and controls. Bicycle behaves realistically - gravitation, air resistance, attrition and wind take effect on the bicycle, it even jumps. You can also change gears (up the hill you must set up lower gear ration).
    Author: Pavel Vesely (18 years)


    Lego is a modeling tool where users are able to create models and scenes using simple cubes and blocks.
    Author: Vladimir Olsovsky (20 years)

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