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We implement a systematic teaching of programming in schools K-12


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SGP Baltie 4 C# Screenshots

In the interactive mode we give commands to Baltie who executes them. On the right side the equivalent C# code is shown.
Baltie with million fashions. Each Baltie can be discolored by your taste.
In the scene can be several differently colored Balties.
While programming your 2D application and games, you will use the tile editor. Tiles can be conjured or placed by Baltie on the Baltie's area.
To conjure a model, open model viewer and selected the model you want to conjure.
Before using a model, open model viewer, rotate it to see it from difference angles.
The fastest way to create your own model is by discoloring the existing model.
In the model editor you can see which animations are supported by the model and insert them into your program.
The fastest way to create a scene is to use the group editor and then conjure the group as a model.
Create your own texture and modify the existing model.
Modes in Baltie 4 C#
In the program we can use more Balties.
Thanks to Baltie 4 C# even the youngest are able to make 3D application, games, use threads and other advanced techniques.
Each Baltie can be changed to another one or be discolored.
During development we appreciate a wide range of predefined constants.
The list of methods used in the program.
Create your own world. Make photos of your countryside and paste them into Baltie 4 C#.
The environment is accessible even for people with a worse sight. Change properties of Baltie with built-in editors.
Wherever in the program mixing icon code and C# code is possible.
The preview of the C# code shows how icon code is transformed to the C# language.
Advanced users can type the C# code in the text editor below the icon editor.
The sample of the console mode made in Baltie 4 C#.
When an exception occurs, the environment shows the description and the place where the exception was thrown.
Creating sophisticated program cannot be done without breakpoints and stepping.
Whenever you stop your application, you will see the values of the variables, call stacks, and threads.
Each icon command has overloads. The documentation for each overload is shown inside the environment.
Baltie 4 C# has a large-scale library of examples for each command. In the library we can find how to use the command and a explanatory description.
The environment can be customized as you want.
You are able to program Baltie in the C# mode without icons.
Sample of the Windows application without 3D environment and Baltie.
Sample of the console application without 3D environment and Baltie.
Debugging your application can be done also in the professional C# mode.
Baltie 4 C# contains code completion and integrated documentation. Now you do not need to remember everything.

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